Samuel Charles Partnership’s statement of purpose.

Our short and long-term business focus will become the bedrock upon which your business is built and upon which our candidates’ career advancement depends.

Our people, clientele and partners’ best interests always take precedence. By being innovative and forward thinking, we value the following factors which work synergistically to help us outperform targets, resulting in achieving excellence.

Economic Sustainability

  • By investing time and patience in the foundations of human capital, we unearth the skills, enhance the knowledge and provide the experience required to identify the most sought-after people of the highest calibre.
  • We recognise the imperative of providing both our clients and candidates with the stability and continuity required to strengthen and safeguard their bottom line economic well-being.
  • Our collective intelligence gives us the necessary capability to dig deep and find solutions.
  • We aim to actively enhance, maintain and continually sustain our clientele’s business performance, management processes and goals.
  • By being organised in our methods, mindful and resourceful, we are able to improve productivity through more effective and efficient time management.

Employee Retention

  • Samuel Charles Partnership is tremendously passionate about delivering a genuine human experience to all its people. By promoting emotional intelligence, we provide confidence and guidance to all our candidates and clientele. We put your mind at ease, enabling you to embark on a continual improvement process.
  • Our intention is to significantly improve employee retention rates. We believe this is critical to businesses and individuals.
  • Attracting, acquiring, developing and retaining successful talent is integral to a company’s growth. Effective nurturing of high calibre talent facilitates maximum optimisation and business sustainability.
  • The employee retention process starts with us. We facilitate a collective, shared understanding, considering all relevant issues. With all parties on the same page, we then work with you to achieve a successful hiring campaign and long-term partnership.
  • Our growth mindset allows us to support, improve and work with a measured philosophy that employs a quality over quantity approach.
  • In order to maximise employee retention strategies, we endeavour to engage, protect and grow every one of our relationships.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

  • Samuel Charles Partnership places a paramount value on Human Capital Management and its related set of practices and processes.
  • By understanding and offering significant experience in these practices and their utilisation, we then relate our expertise to help you streamline and capitalise on your people resource management functions.
  • To provide your company with specific competencies, this must include the implementation of the following three critical categories; workforce acquisition, workforce management, workforce optimization.
  • By incorporating these prime practices into our life’s work, it is our chief objective to enhance human development whilst contributing to the overall scope and growth of human capital.

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